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Jack and Jill

Directed by Dennis Dugan, and stars Adam Sandler, Katie Holmes, and Al Pacino. Jack and Jill is a story about Jack and Jill Sadelstein’s twin relationship. Jack is a successful advertising executive in Los Angeles, beautiful wife, adorable kids, basically a life any man would want. But he dreads that one event in the year where his sister Jill visits them for Thanksgiving.

It was okay. Okay funny, okay acting. Adam was actually good at being Jill, and surprisingly better than playing Jack. But watching Jill as the screechy, lovelorn woman, you would probably understand why Jack is almost unnoticeable.

Al Pacino was funny. I would not, ever, in a million years, think that he would do a movie like this. But he did, and he was very memorable, and it made watching the movie a bit tolerable.

A lot of old school jokes like the farting and the sweating, which made me cringe a bit because they were a little corny. I would say it’s a typical family movie, but some of the jokes were mean.

I’m still thinking if I would recommend the movie, but if you would ask me how I would rank this, I’ll give it a 2 of 5.



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